Redefining customized healthcare consulting.


With years of clinical expertise, Jeni Page Consulting offers a wide array of clinical consulting options, personalized and current with today's rapidly changing healthcare system.

Whether you are looking to improve clinical efficiency and patient satisfaction, or focused on practice quality, clinical and patient education, and outcomes improvement, Jeni Page Consulting will assist you each step of the way. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Additionally, Jeni Page Consulting provides legal nurse consulting services, available for review, analysis, and research of medical records, identification of standard of care, and in expert witness capacity.


More than just a consultant.


Clinical Consulting

Why does it matter?

With unpredictable and rapid changes in healthcare, there remains an ever present need to stay current both in knowledge and practice. Jeni Page Consulting focuses on providing clients with up-to-date assessments within their practices that can improve both satisfaction and efficiency of each client model. 

Legal Nurse Consultant

Why does it matter?

As a legal nurse consultant, expertise within the medical field is a necessity for legal clients as they take on complex medical cases. With years of multiple sub-specialty experience, Jeni Page Consulting aims to provide a thorough assessment and strong foundation of clinical knowledge based on current standard of care and medical practice, personalized to each legal case. 


Quality Improvement

Why does it matter?

Improved patient outcomes are of increasing importance in the healthcare field with profound emphasis placed at both the state and federal levels. Jeni Page Consulting will personally assess each client's clinical practice for areas of possible potential improvement, customizing quality and patient care opportunities at the individualized level.

Medical Education

Why does it matter?

Whether there is a need for increased patient education, or a necessity for improvement in staffing knowledge, Jeni Page Consulting can address a wide array of clinical education needs. With years of writing and publishing experience, we provide the most current, evidence based materials published, personalized for each client's practice.